Different Types of Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

With regards to decorating a property, wading through the thousands of different curtains, valances, draperies and much more can be very complicated. Your decorating ideas can quickly change once you start going through the different window treatments available.

In sprucing your bedroom windows, you often have issues in buying the best window treatment. In fact, a number of window treatments, that are undoubtedly essential for your bedroom, are available in the market today.

To help you decide on which window treatment to install for your bedroom windows, here are some examples.

1. Window Blinds. These are a simple window treatment that covers 2 primary goals of installing such: provide privacy and regulate outdoor light. Window blinds can be bought in various types and materials. Hence, you’ll be given plenty of choices to select from. They are put either vertically or horizontally. Among the list of existing window blinds are Roman blinds, roller blinds, and venetian blinds. And they are available in bamboo, wood, faux wood, metal, or PVC.

(C) HGTV.com

(C) HGTV.com

2. Curtains. They are made of fabrics and could be either light or heavy fabrics. You may choose lightweight fabrics in summer or heavy fabrics in winter. Curtains have always been a favorite window covering possibly because of the range of fabric, colors and patterns that are available.

3. Drapes.  For more formal setting, drapes can be used to give the room an air of elegance and class. Drapes are pleated panels usually made from heavier material which hangs attractively from pretty rods or poles.D rapes are sometimes offset with swags in thick, rich materials that do the drapes justice. A room can certainly be given an improvement when using a beautiful set of drapes.

4. Sheers. They are A popular type of window treatment in interior design, sheers let light. They are light-weight and engaging to look at. In the late winter and fall, they could be swapped out with heavier curtains or drapery. However, it doesn’t fit for those who need total privacy. Wishing to make sheer window treatment, you can simply use sheer fabric and curtain rod. It comes in some different options of colors, textures, lengths, and widths which make this sheer well suited for any decor at home.

5. Valances. They have always been a popular and low-cost window treatment. The primary intent behind the valance would be to simply hide whatsoever curtain or drapery hardware you’ve got. Even though you won’t use any other window treatment, you may more or less use the valance as a stand alone treatment. Presently of course, you’ll find valances in every imaginable color, pattern and finish to complement any kind of decor.


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