The Affordable Compact Pressure Washer That Revived Our Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is used for the decoration of the porch, garden and the patio. But every time you go outside your tired and old looking outdoor table and chairs catch your eye and are screaming out for some refurbishment. Based from this article, the author tried to revived their outdoor furniture by using compact pressure and it really works. Check out how they do it.



Despite having a blast with the pressure washer we rented a few years ago, we’d always been hesitant to bite the bullet and purchase one. Part of us didn’t want to store another bulky tool, especially since it didn’t seem like something we’d be using all that often. But recently the universe sent us several signs that we were missing out. My neighbor kept waxing poetic about his. They were popping up in our blog feeds everywhere. Oh, and the pollen. The universe sent us lots and lots of pollen this year.

Those are pillows from the open sunroom on the back of our house, shown below shortly after we finished it back in 2014. We leave most of the furniture out year-round since the area is covered and we find ourselves plopping down on the couch even on mild winter days (I’ve even watched the kids play in the snow from it a couple of times!). But it does take a beating in the early spring when every surface in central Virginia gets coated in a thick layer of tree dandruff. So if you’re not emotionally prepared to see lots of grimey, dingey, pollen-covered stuff, this may not be the post for you.

Once the pollen chills out around mid-May, I usually spray everything down with a hose and we’re pretty good to go for the season. But by last summer I felt like they were noticeably dingier than when we had first bought them. We tried this outdoor cleaner that attaches to your hose (along with a scrub brush and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease) but they still felt a little dirty, and I think we definitely spent less time lounging out there last year as a result.

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