How To Use Colour and Pattern in Your Home Like A Pro

Are you tired of your boring interior design? Home decorating can be done in different styles, each having its own appeal, simplicity as well as complexity. If you want a lively interior, why not go for colored and pattern designs.



No matter what the product in your home, whether it be paint, wallpaper, hardfloors or carpet, picking a foundation colour is key. It doesn’t matter if the environment is to be highly coloured or soft and muted, understanding colour principles helps.

Start by picking a palette of colours for your space. Stick to three, and change them as you move through that space. Flooring acts as the foundation, so if it’s a strong coloured patterned vinyl or a textured painted wooden floor, bring that colour up and weave it into fabrics and furnishing; balance it with lighter or darker versions or its complementary shade.

For those who want to start embracing colour, I suggest keeping your floor neutral, as this could be costly and time consuming to change if you have second thoughts. Have that as your anchor colour and then add a bold and a lighter version to that palette. Use the strongest colour as your accent and the lighter version as your wall colour.

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