Tempered Glass Table – A Stylish, Safe and Sustainable Choice

The tempered glass table got the interior design industry by surprise. When it was initially brought in, its recognition rise rapidly and spread like a wild fire. Now, it truly is not going away soon. The days are gone where pine and rose wood tables enhance the homes of the famous and rich. These once impressive furniture pieces are now a thing from the past. They are replaced by the more elegant, cool and futuristic kind.

As opposed to its predecessor, the tempered glass table has numerous benefits to the user as well as the environment. Apart from its typical function as a table, it brings about a cutting-edge, post modern touch to the interior of the house. The fact is, most designers today try to integrate it to their designs.

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In addition to this, the tempered glass table is environmentally friendly and promotes sustainability. All this stems from the point that materials made use of in its production are recyclable. Typically, tables were made of wood. After a while, the wood would suffer wear and tear and eventually are thrown away. Even though some wood are recycled, most of them are shipped to landfills to be burnt and wasted causing a never ending demand for wood and so environmental damage.

Tempered glass is tougher than your average table ans it can be produced from recycled materials. The materials had gone through a chemical process that raises its strength as well as causes it to be shatter into small round pieces as opposed to dangerous shards. You could have heard it called toughened or safety glass too. Hence, this is a sensible choice for home tables.

Each year, numerous children and also adults are hospitalized due to accidents concerning table tops made of glass. Actually, some reports suggest that approximately 20,000 cases occur every year involving these accidents. The most common way accidents of this nature occur occurs when a child crashes into the glass top causing it to break into many sharp pieces. The solution to this is to use tempered glass table.

Even so, when it comes to the tempered glass table, the glass won’t break in dangerous sharp jagged pieces. Instead, it smashes into many smaller pieces which cause no more than a tiny cut or a scratch. All this may be attributed to its manufacturing process.

Heat-treated glass is less hazardous than standard types as it has been through a tempering process to increase its strength. The controlled thermal treatment generates a product that is much more scratch-resistant and much less likely to break or crack. Even if tempered glass does break, it shatters into small pieces when broken, not dangerous shards that may cause serious injury.

Pretty much everything causes it to be a clear choice when choosing the furniture for your residence. It gives your home a cutting-edge feel and at the same time guarantees the protection of its occupants. Furthermore, it will help you to play your part in preserving the surroundings.

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