5 Colors You Need for a Happy Home, According to an Interiors Expert

How color affect the mood in your home? Before you choose a new color palette to decorate your home, consider the fact that each color has an emotional meaning. If you want to be happy then check these 5 recommended colors from the experts.

We already know how colors can influence our mood and equally reflect our personality, but when it comes to decorating the home, what are the best colors to use to evoke feelings of joy and happiness?

With so many hues to choose from, Lorna McAleer, interiors expert at at Style Studio, has whittled down the best colors that will boost your mood and help create a happy home environment.

(C) Martha Stewart

(C) Martha Stewart


Are you searching for the most uplifting color? Look no further than yellow.

“Upbeat and friendly, yellow is the color of happiness and sunlight,” says Lorna. “It is also reported to cause the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter chemical that contributes to a feeling of wellbeing. So, scientifically speaking, it’s the best color to lift the spirits.”

Whether light and airy or bold and bright, the color yellow also has the power to stimulate creativity. While undoubtedly bringing vibrancy to any room in the home, Lorna suggests using yellow in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Tip: Yellow can be overpowering, so allow yellow accents to shine against a sophisticated grey backdrop.


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