How To: Remove Crayon From Your Painted Walls

It’s great that small children love to explore their art, but it’s not so wonderful when they use the wall as canvas. Learn how to get rid of crayon marks, grease stains, and more!

Cleaning tips for when the kids colour way out of the lines and onto the painted walls.

It seems a white wall looks like an over-sized canvas to a child. Our resourceful research editor, Mary Levitski, shows you how to erase crayon from painted walls.

Cleaning steps

(C) The American Cleaning Institute

(C) The American Cleaning Institute

1 To soften the waxy markings, blow-dry them on medium heat, holding a hair dryer about a foot from the wall. This will take approximately one minute. Once the wax has softened, use a credit card to gently scrape as much of it from the wall as you can. If the wax doesn’t come off easily, heat it further until it becomes more pliable.

Wipe the remaining wax off with a soft sponge dipped in cold water. Scrub in a circular motion until the wall is clean. To prevent the soiled water from dripping down and forming streaks, hold a rag against the wall beneath the area you’re working on. Wipe dry immediately with a clean cloth.

3 If any crayon residue remains, mix equal parts baking soda and water to create a paste. Rub the mixture into the stain in a circular motion using a sponge. Wash it off with a clean, wet sponge and dry immediately.

Extra tip

Walls get a lot of wear and tear from kids. To fill little dings and dents, rub a white bar of soap into them. Works for small nail holes, too!

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