3 Non-Toxic Household Ingredients to Unclog Your Drain in 4 Easy Steps

One of the most frustrating experiences every homeowner will have to face is a clogged drain. This article will give us the easy Do it yourself tips and tricks to unclog our drain using non-toxic ingredients.

The only time I remember to clean the drains is when water starts going down slowly. Then I freak out! (Plumbers are one of the least favorite people in my “contacts” list.)

Sounds familiar?

But keeping the drain clean ’n smooth is easier than you think: All you need to do is to use a couple of my two favorite cleaning ingredients regularly.

(C) All County Plumbing LLC

(C) All County Plumbing LLC

So. Ready to save some money on plumbing?

Read on!

I’m sure you’re thinking: Why should i bother? My DranO -or commercial drain opener – works as well.
But let me tell you something:

drain openers (especially the Caustic type) are amongst the most toxic cleaning products out there. Think about the fumes that you – or your family – will breathe! Besides, anything that goes onto the drain will end up polluting our water systems.

Plus if you have an enameled old iron sink or bathtub and use a caustic opener you’ll likely get yellow spots from the drain opener.

So, why not trying? This is a quick, easy, and non-toxic method that takes only a few more minutes than commercial openers.

Let’s get started.


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