Cold Weather and Your Tankless Water Heater

One question that many people ask when they are choosing a new water heater is: are tankless water heaters worth it?  A tankless water heater is a must-have addition to any home, especially for those that find themselves in areas with particularly bitter winters.

Tankless water heaters may require additional attention during cold weather to prevent them from freezing or experiencing other weather related problems. Recommendations may vary between manufacturers, so it’s important to check your owners manual for details on your specific unit.

Precautionary Freezing Protection

(C) frogma

(C) frogma

During cold weather tankless water heaters need extra care. Even water heaters installed indoors could be prone to cold weather complications. Most manufacturer warranties do not cover damage caused by freezing.

Many manufacturers, such as Rinnai and Rheem, build-in some type of freeze protection that allows the unit to protect itself when temperatures fall below freezing. Rinnai​ has two lines of defense from the cold elements.

The primary protection for the Rinnai, is the placement of ceramic heaters located on the heat exchanger and other internal parts and water lines. These ceramic heaters will fire-up when the temperature drops into the low 30’s and prevent the internal parts from freezing.

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