What Makes the Ottoman Special?

While sofas, chairs and side tables are noticeable choices for your living room upgrade, an ottoman is a lesser known and more strange approach to spruce up a room. However an ottoman is great way to include an additional element of comfort and convenience.

There are numerous kinds of ottomans: standard, storage, ottoman tables, coffee table ottoman and bench.

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(C) Pinterest

The origins of the term “ottoman” to explain a specific style of footstool are subject much debate with some commentators pointing to Napoleon Bonaparte’s exploits round the Mediterranean, others as a direct export of Turkish influence in Europe. When the French invaded Egypt they discovered the locals popularizing a style of footstool – Egypt at the time was still part of the Ottoman Empire and its people were subject to numerous acts of brutality and endured various forms of punishment. Footstools had been designed to rest tired and tortured feet and when the French returned home. The French foot rests became popular in Europe and received the name “ottoman” in tribute to its origin.

Standard ottomans are just footrests for an armchair or easy chair. That is all they’re made to do. When some one says, “Put your feet up and take a load off,” they are really telling you to sit down in a comfortable chair, relax and rest your feet on the ottoman which is in front of the chair.

Storage ottomans are also built for storage. The padded top is generally hinged and can open up to reveal an open space in heart of the ottoman by which individuals generally store blankets for use with the easy chair and ottoman. Many people use ottomans as tables and if they have a flat, level surface, so much the better. They may be used as coffee tables or benches.

Generally, furniture manufacturers offer ottomans in a selection of styles, both independently and as complementary pieces to larger items just like armchairs and sofas. Should you be looking to incorporate an ottoman to the existing living room look, be sure to look at whether a classic, contemporary or modern style is ideal to your home environment and also to the other items of furniture at present situated in the same space. To get the best impact, an ottoman should blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of the room instead of stand out as a showpiece item.

In case you are in the market for ottoman furniture see your local furniture shop and sit, lie and breathe in the array of stylistic and unique furniture lounges. From there, you do research online to find the best price available.


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