Three Types Of Backyard Heaters

It’s still winter and I know you need this one to warm your cold backyard. Outdoor heaters are inexpensive, handy, and easy to use. And if you want to buy one, check out what type of backyard heater that suits your backyard.

Now the warmer months are

a thing of the past and winter is upon us, the cold can quickly bring an enjoyable evening outdoors to a grinding halt.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

So, how can you guarantee that your outdoor entertaining space is welcoming in all kinds of weather without having to hand out rugs and uggs to your guests?

Easy, just install outdoor heating. There are a multitude of choices available to keep you cosy.

Which fuel?

Every outdoor heating solution will use fuel or energy of one sort or another.

There are three main options when it comes to the energy source. You can choose gas from a bottle or mains, electricity or traditional solid fuels such as wood or briquettes.

The advantage of gas and electric is that you can flick a switch and have instant heat without any fuss, while solid fuel requires a bit of effort to get going and the heat can be inconsistent.

But let’s face it, a marshmallow toasted in the glow of an electric heater is just not quite right.


There’s no arguing that gas heaters will bring near-instant warmth and, with bottles that can easily be replaced, a degree of simplicity and convenience.

The majority of gas heaters are portable, so you can move them to where the action is.

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