110 Gazebo Designs & Ideas – Wood, Vinyl, Octagon, Rectangle and More (Photos)

If you are trying to decide if a gazebo design is the right for your yard or not you may want to consider a few things. You, as a homeowner want to find the right outdoor gazebo design to suit your taste and functional needs. Maybe this article will help you.

Welcome to our definitive guide to the types of gazebos you can erect in your backyard!

Gazebos are a great place to retreat to on hot summer days, as the open design allows the breeze to flow through and the roof provides plenty of cooling shade.

(C) Bailey's Professional Lawn Care

(C) Bailey’s Professional Lawn Care

For this reason they are popular in warm and sunny climates as an outdoor entertaining area. Typically they are not attached to the house, instead standing alone in a large garden or backyard.

In addition to being freestanding, gazebos are typically roofed, although some may have the structure of a roof without any of the shingles.

The kinds of gazebos you’ll see most often are large enough to seat four to six people, although gazebos come in much larger sizes–some are large enough to serve as bandstands!  Of course, most of us don’t have the kind of space in our backyards to install such a huge structure. For most people, gazebos will be an intimate and comfortable outdoor entertaining area away from the main patio.


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