4 Types of Patios for Every Home

A well set up patio can boost the functionality of the exterior space while increasing the value of the house. Patios give you a great place to watch nature, eat foods from the grill, or simply de-stress with the family. They are available in different types and designs to make it easier to complement the exterior of the home.”

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Patios are now very popular not only for the magnificence it gives to the house but additionally they serve as the hub for several family activities for example grilling, eating, recreation or simply unwinding. The beauty of patios further adds to the curb appeal of the property which is beneficial for future plans of selling it. Moreover, patios have different styles which you can select from depending on one’s taste and the style of the house. Listed here are the four most popular styles;

Dry-laid Patio

Dry-laid stone is a procedure for putting individual stones on a platform of sand and gravel, and held jointly by tightly compacted sand. The stones on their own could be irregular or rectangular while considering different options for a design. This kind of patio is famous for its flexibility and possibility of improvements and various layout enhancement. Additionally, its considerably less expensive as compared to other types. However, even if this can be done as DIY project, you need to still have the skills on the correct layout and design to ensure that drainage system in the home will not be affected.

Mortar Patio

Mortar patio is basically similar to dry-laid style but rather than sand and gravel, it utilizes mortar. If you are living at a location where it frequently rains or the climate varies from mild winter to hot summer, the sand has a tendency to wash down then becomes sloping. This mortar is perfect to seal the stones and fill in the gaps in the stones. It truly is much more permanent in comparison with dry-laid patio.

Slap Patio

Slab patios are constructed with an adequate ground and can support considerable weight which means it is stronger than the two stated earlier. Given that there are already DIY suggestions to have it done in your house, it is still advisable to leave this type of work to professional companies. Professionals can make sure that the patio is placed based on your liking and they can ensure the quality of the work. Last but not least, they’ll finish the work by leveling and smoothing the flooring till it is dry and ready.

Raised Patio

A raised patio area may offer something a bit different to the more common ground-level patio area. The height of a raised patio may range from one or two inches to two or three feet. They provide a great option to create a patio in the backyards that have very uneven or sloping surfaces. This kind of patio furthermore needs a retaining wall in position that will retain its form and give extra strength.

Given that there are already different types, structure and design of patios these days, it wouldn’t be that hard for you to decide on what to pick. You can check on magazines and the net for further concepts and to finally be familiar with precisely what is great for your own home. Funds are also a consideration with regards to your final decision. Just bear in mind that whatever you choose has to be of your personal liking.

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