Bathroom Sinks Guide

“Bathroom sinks come in different styles and materials. Hence, you have to choose the one that best suits your space and your usage. If you are not aware of the types of bathroom sinks, we are here to present them to you.”

Getting Started

Finding a sink that expresses your style is easier than ever today. Between material and color options, installation types, design styles and decorative options there is no shortage of opportunity to discover something that’s uniquely you. The following guide will help you select the option best suited to you and your home.

Measure Your Space

Sinks are generally available in standard sizes that coordinate with standard countertop cutouts. If you choose a vessel sink that rests on countertop, you’ll need to take into consideration things like the height and reach of the faucet as well. Also, if you’re planning to go with a pedestal sink rather than a vanity, you will need to ensure that it fits your space.

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