How to Buy a Lawn Aerator Best for Your Needs

Have you ever secretly admired the lush and beautiful seeking lawn in your neighbor’s house and pondered why yours never appears to look healthy enough? This might be your neighbor regularly aerates his lawn making it look lush and green all the year round.”

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There are several advantages to using a lawn aerator. Aerating a lawn will allow water and air to flow around grass roots, which aids to fend off fungi whilst promoting the growth of more helpful organisms. All of this results in a healthier, greener lawn. Yet, with numerous of these things out on the market it could be a bit of a nightmare when deciding the one that to get and you may not be sure exactly what sort of aerator is right for your lawn. What this post seeks to do is shed a little light on the different choices available to you when you are considering choosing a lawn aerator.

There are so many various kinds of aerators available these days that you can effortlessly get baffled while purchasing one. Soil is naturally aerated by earthworms since they burrow through the ground. You don’t have to wait for the worms to do natural aeration since there are various tools that could do the task much faster and even more efficiently. These tools can be found in many forms, from lawn aerator shoes to gas-powered aerators, but are usually categorized under two types: the core aerators and the spike aerators. Getting some few tips and pointers regarding the various kinds as well as what you need can help you make a decision before getting one of these.

To solve soil compaction, rolling lawn aerator is among the specific equipment which can be used. Exactly what it does is loosen the soil allowing movement enabling oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots aiding the healthy growth of grass. Large lawns or grass areas are better serviced using a manual aerator or a rolling aerator.

Another choice which may be more practical if you have a large lawn or have to aerate a bigger area (such as a field) is a gas-powered lawn aerator. However, keep in mind that this is heavy equipment and even transporting the aerator home might be a two-person job. Because of this, many individuals using a powered aerator once or twice a year prefer to employ someone to get it done for them.

The last method of aeration is liquid aeration. This process is the least known, nevertheless considered by some as the most practical way. Liquid aeration is accomplished by spraying a liquid solution over the ground, then watering it in. The benefits of using this method over core aeration are many. There is less mess, no cores in the awn. Another benefit is the liquid may be used everywhere, whereas the coring is limited around sprinkler systems, tree roots, etc.

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