Here’s why buying furniture online is a bad idea

A furniture store is an integral part of our lifestyle as it turns our imaginations of a good home to actual. An attractive house is made of lots of other things, like home furniture, to double the happiness of owning one. Having good furniture around mirrors a good lifestyle and leaves anyone who visits impressed.”


Dear Laurel,

How are you doing? Not sure why I’m writing you except just to warn someone out there about this company on the internet.

Here’s what happened. My old hag wife ran off with our son’s karate instructor. (they deserve each other) She took custody of the brat. Fine, she can have him. She also took the house, so I needed to move. I found a sublet in the east village. It’s a five-floor walk up. That’s five minutes less time at the gym and it’s only a ten minute walk to the office, door-to-door.

I needed to fix up the place, of course. I thought that buying furniture online was the way to go. So, I had my secretary scout out some hunky man-type stuff. I told her to do research for the lowest prices. She found this company called National Furniture Supply. They are offering deep discounts for some very high-end furniture online so I gave her the go ahead…


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