Family Sculpting: Psychodrama For Family Therapy

“When we think of family counseling, we imagine our family sitting in a room with a counselor, talking things out. Although therapists often conduct family meetings in a standard ‘talk’ format, family therapy can take many other interesting forms as well. One of these forms, family sculpting, is a technique that reveals family dynamics through nonverbal expression. Counselors do help the family talk through their issues afterward, but much of the work can be done without uttering a word.”

Family Sculpting Definitions

Family sculpting is a specific type of therapy that needs to be done by a therapist trained in the technique. That’s because deep issues may arise that need to be addressed by someone who understands family sculpting very well. But, what is family sculpting? The following definitions may help you understand from a client’s point of view.

What Is Family Sculpting?

Family sculpting is a type psychodrama used in family therapy. Family sculpting is also one of the child-centered therapies that can be used in a group setting. A member or members of the family are chosen as a sculptor(s). The job of the sculptor is to place the family in a scene that reflects each person’s position, attitude, and role within the group…


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